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Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve

Country - Malaysia



The Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve is a remnant of lowland mixed dipterocarp rainforest of 800 acres. Finally gazetted as a permanent reserve in Feb 2010, it is all that remains of the once extensive Sungai Buloh Forest Reserve (6,590 ha). Established in 1898, this was the oldest managed forest reserve in Peninsular Malaysia. At one time threatened by plans for clearing and housing development, the forest endures today, as an island of green amidst the urban sprawl because of its many friends and supporters. 


MyChangkul was involved in the design, planning and building of the 5 Mountain Biking and Hiking trail that exist today. Scouts, Temuan ,Sahabat, Harmoni and the latest trail Unity make up now over 10km of singletrack sustainable trails for mountain bike, trail running and hiking. All these trails were built by a mixture of volunteers and paid professional trail builders according to IMBA (Internatiobal Mountain Biking Association) standards. The first 3 trail's build cost namely Scouts, Temuan and Sahabat were funded from multiple grants from the Global Environment Facility, Small Grants Program under the UNDP umbrella. The other 2 latter trail namely Harmoni and Unity were completely privately funded by corporations.


Today, the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve Trails is a popular weekend destination for mountain bikers, trail runners and casual hikers. For a copy of the trail map click HERE.


Future plans include adding 3 more trails of which one would be a single use hiking trail.


For more information about the trails and KDCF please visit them HERE and join their Facebook group  HERE


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