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Who are we ?


MyChangkul is a Social Enterprise founded in 2014 by FC Yong focusing on making an impact by designing and building sustainable multi discipline trails. MyChangkul believes such trails connects the communities and therefore ensure the safe guard and preservation of green spaces and protected forest for current and future generations. 


What do we do ?


My Changkul core competencies are :


  • Sustainable Trail Design & Consultancy 

  • Trail Buidling 

  • Trail Maintenance

  • Volunteer Management

  • Community Collaboration

  • Trail Building Education


We believe in engaging indigenous people in the vicinity of the trails whenever we can to provide them with skills training and tool to build great and sustainable trails. These activities also will provide them with a source of income as trail builders, trail maintenance crew and trail guides. Most of these folks are currently urbanized and displaced by development. MyChangkul believe that through such engagement we are reconnecting them back to the forest and thus their roots.

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